"Intelligent, insightful and wickedly witty -- as we've come to expect from him and his prickly pen"

Brooke DuBois, Editor, Prysm Group


"Besides being a joy to work with, Laith is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He produces well-crafted copy, which has resulted in renewed interest in TEN LTD and increased revenue. Though Laith is an asset to our marketing efforts, he is also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company, contributing to sales meetings, and inspiring and motivating other members of my team"

William Montgomery, CEO, TEN


"Working with Laith has always been an absolute pleasure. He is professional, creative, focused and the end results are stunning"

Bev James, CEO, The EBA


"Laith consistently delivers work of an excellent standard. I would highly recommend his services"

Emily Collins, Editor, Bluepost Digital



"Laith tells a brand’s story through compelling copy that speaks directly to the target audience. His ability to create and adapt to the tone of voice of our clients, as well as his excellent knowledge of marketing concepts, is why we work with him again and again. I speak for our agency and our clients when I say he’s one of the best in the industry"

Gemma Phelan, MD, DigitalBinx


"In a world where writing and expressing yourself is so critical to building attraction around your brand, it is invaluable to have people like Laith to help you"

Penny Power, Founder, Ecademy


"Laith Al-Kaisy is a brilliant writer. This is one of the best-written pieces I have read in a long while"

Phillip Khan-Panni, Business Speaker & Author



I like Laith. He has a nice beard. The girls say he’s lovely and smells like washing powder"

Dave Morgan, MD, eRecruit Solutions




"Laith has a contemporary and intelligent writing style and his articles always offer the reader in-depth information as well as considered opinion. He meets the brief every single time"

Leigh Ferrani, Editor, The Clifton Agency


"Having worked with Laith on magazines and at media events, I can say he is an outstanding editor, always fun to work with and a true professional"

Chelsey Baker, Entrepreneur



"We regularly commission Laith to write for our financial and technology publications. We have always been impressed with his work and would highly recommend him"

Adam Wood, MD, Edico Media



"Laith is an accomplished writer and a pleasure to work with, always meeting (and usually beating) deadlines. I recommend his services"

Sarah Anderson, Editorial Director, Research Media




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